Feb 07
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Ladies and Gentlemen!


The Horse Talk TV Indiegogo crowdfunding appeal is over now….and the total raised was $6,500. Who would have expected such a fabulous result?


Thanks to everyone who pledged, supported the campaign or spread the word, we are overwhelmed by your enthusiastic and positive feedback!


We are really thankful for all your support and your kind comments (we read each and every one!) which has really warmed our hearts and inspired us to keep on going.


We are so grateful to all of the generous and community spirited individuals who contributed to our campaign. Your donations have made it possible to complete Series 3 and keep Horse Talk TV on air. This means that we can meet our current commitments and then focus on planning for the future. We simply could not have done it without you!


We are now working on fulfilling your Perks and getting them out to you. We have already sent out the exquisite Horse Photo Art Album and the beautiful Vintage Prints Album. Signing, sorting, packing and sending orders will still take a little while so please be patient with us.


But we work hard and will finish and post (or email) everything soon!


We will certainly keep you updated.


Thanks, thanks, thanks to everyone involved including the incredibly hardworking team behind the scenes at Horse Talk TV.


Best wishes and our eternal gratitude,


Thank you for your support – Katie producer Horse Talk TV


Series 3 Funders Hall of Fame

Our heartfelt gratitude to the following people for helping fund the new Series 3 via our Indigogo Crowdfunding Campaign.  You can help us and join the list.  Click on the above link to find out how.

Jackie Barclay

Peter and Tom Lowndes

Karen Kundicevic

Walter Berger, HorseOz.com

Nicole Bowcott

Emily Jenson

Smart Start Business

White Rose Farm

Brenda Hickson

Kerry Hickson 

Jan Thompson 

Coralee Dall 

Leanne Owens 

Beth Rawlinson 

Dr. Rebecca Gimenez 

Janice Eames 

Tania Sasvary 

Jill Mayo 

Rachel Gray 

Sonya Querido  (from Brazil!) 

Phyllis Godwin 

Helen Dingle 

Terry Dingle 

Living Horses Monika  - Monica Rodger 

Audrey Lee 

Paul Williamson


Rachel Gray


M Rodger


Candice Angus




B Welladsen


S Staples


Stephanie Winter


Joanne Osborne


Col Dahlenburg


Grassbrook Walers


Howard Collins


Virginia Ede


Lynne Livingstone


Margaret Bowman


Deb Pendlebury


Judi Tainsh




Ian Gregory




Vanessa Brenton


Angela Ivory


Michae lHealey


Anna Lancaster


White Rose Farm - Vicki Kennelly


Tim Earl


Joanne Andersen


Stefanie Imbruglia


Momentum Equine Myotherapy


Sarah Clementi



The CUTEST little mini horses, Maggie (white) and Polly (grey), want to be TV stars but may never get the chance to strut their stuff if their favourite show – Horse Talk TV – doesn’t raise enough funds to stay on air!

HELP maggie and Polly become STARS by donating to Horse Talk TV’s crowdfunding appeal on IndieGoGo and get fantastic REWARDS for your kindness











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